Snapshot-41 2Hi, my name is Margo. When I moved into my townhouse in the fall of 2007 I had no idea that Hell was about to break loose. One year and three months after my move, in February of 2009, my house became infested with a demonic entity (or entities) that has refused to leave. This blog is about my struggles with the dark side and my battle with paranormal phenomena that seemed to begin immediately after I made profound spiritual changes in my life.

In June of 2010, I created a blog called The Rosary Trail, and because of the numerous readers who approached me for help in dealing with their spiritual dilemmas related to the paranormal, demon-infestation, house hauntings—whatever you want to call it—I finally decided that’s a topic I need to expand upon. It appears there are lots of people out there with the same or similar issues such as the ones I’ve been experiencing, and if this site helps those people in the least little way, then I will feel I’ve been able to do a bit of good.

In this blog I tell the story of how it all began, and where I was in my life prior to the paranormal attacks. I talk about the attacks in detail. Sometimes I include photos. I write about my experiences with several Catholic priests who unsuccessfully tried to rid my home of this demonic force, and the day the exorcist finally paid me a visit. I discuss how the events of the infestation have wreaked havoc on all areas of my life, and yet have also helped to change me as a person, giving me a renewed sense of hope in people and in the world in general, strengthening the faith I had from childhood, and making me aware of the ever-present war between good and evil.

A little more about me:

I am the oldest of seven siblings.
I love my dog and three cats – all rescues!
I hate despise loathe detest spiders. Any other adjectives you can think of?
Was an actress and model in New York City (and it was anything but glamorous)
Lived in the West Village on MacDougal Street where roaches were plentiful (but no spiders)
Then moved to Brooklyn (still no spiders) but delis on every corner with owners named Vinny
Almost married a mobster (that’s how I ended up in Brooklyn)
Then fled that place like a bat out of Hell (poor analogy?) back to my hometown in Upstate NY
Miss NYC (not Brooklyn so much)
Now live among crickets, snowmobiles, pickup trucks, dirt bikes, and yes, the “s” word… spiders
Am working on my first memoir

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