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demonic-oppression-300x220A few months ago I learned something purely by accident one day while listening to a program I subscribe to on YouTube. The program’s host was discussing abortion, and at some point during the discussion he said the first abortion ever performed by Planned Parenthood took place in Syracuse, NY. I had never heard that before and wondered if the man was correct. Minutes later I did a quick online search and came across an article from 2014 about the history of Planned Parenthood. That year, in 2014, Planned Parenthood was celebrating its 90th anniversary. The article was posted in a Syracuse, NY publication, and it included a timeline beginning with Margaret Sanger back in 1916 opening the first abortion clinic in Brooklyn, NY.

When I read through the timeline and made the horrific discovery that my home state of New York housed the very first abortion clinics, I knew right then and there that pieces of the puzzle were finally coming together. And then I came across this part of the timeline that is truly stunning:

Planned Parenthood Center of Syracuse becomes the first free-standing abortion clinic in the nation, one day after New York legalizes abortion on July 1, 1970.

Please take a look at the article here and see for yourself the chilling connection between Syracuse, NY and abortions, which are really satanic sacrifices in disguise.


Around the same time as the first Planned Parenthood abortion in 1970, which took place at 1130 East Genesee Street, a five-minute drive from our house on Dorothy Street, I started having supernatural visions and visitations. In the interest of time I cannot expand on that here, but that will be included in the memoir I have been working on for over five years now. Something very sinister had come into my presence and had attached itself to me like a shadow.

In November 1970, our family moved from Marcellus, NY (where we had been living after we moved out of our Dorothy Street house in 1969) to a house located only a few minutes’ drive from that East Genesee Street abortion clinic. In fact, our house was on a street that intersected Genesee Street, and that house has been in our family ever since. In the 1970s, our entire neighborhood seemed to have been infested by an inexplicable malaise. I wrote this in a previous post:

My neighborhood in the 1970s is infested with gloom. The woman down the street loses her husband to carbon monoxide poisoning. He and another woman are found naked and dead in his car one cold winter night. Another neighbor hangs himself in his garage after coming home to his wife making out with a man in their front yard. A few streets away the neighbors have parties where they swap husbands and wives. The drug-addicted teenage boy across the street shoots himself in the head after a failed attempt at gassing himself in his garage. Drug dealers and jewelry thieves frequent the house next door.

Throughout my childhood I often found myself in the path of strange and inexplicable occurrences. I used to endure angry voice attacks in my ear when I was very little. When I tried to scream, I had no voice. Once I saw a life-size black cat staring at me from across the bedroom that I shared with my younger sister. My family did not have a black cat. I was thirteen when that same bedroom was invaded one night by an unseen presence that caused me such anguish I had to leave the room. I tried telling my mother about it, but I realized how stupid I probably sounded and so I gave up and figured I’d just have to find a way to not let the presence bother me. Fortunately, it was a one-time occurrence that didn’t happen again until several decades later.

It wasn’t until my high school years when the wave of dark activity seemed to lift. And then I moved to New York City, which is another story in itself.

Connecting the Dots

As most of you know, for several years now I have been plagued by an unseen entity or entities in and around my home. Some of the activity has either lessened or completely gone away, but it has been replaced by different forms of attack, such as strange scratch marks that appear on my back most days and occasionally on one of my lower legs while I’m in the shower. Also, the mental/emotional attacks are on the increase, as well as attacks having to do with my job/career, which, in the interest of time, I can’t get into right now. My Welcome page on this site provides an outline that goes into some detail, and I’ve also written numerous posts throughout the years that can be found in the archives. The Categories section on the sidebar is basically left blank, so if you’re interested in a certain topic you have to type the search words in the search bar at the top of the site in order to see all the posts pertaining to that topic. Either that or just scroll through the archives dating back to 2010, the year I created this blog.

It wasn’t until the day I discovered the Planned Parenthood connection to Syracuse, NY that I was finally able to piece together some things that have been confounding me for several decades. My family’s house on Dorothy Street, located five minutes from the abortion clinic on East Genesee Street, was also located four minutes from the Syracuse Chapter of American Birth Control League’s (ABCL) clinic at 486 James Street. Dr. Edward Van Duyn opened that clinic in his home in 1933. If you read through the timeline in the article I linked to above, you will see all the name changes the clinic went through. You will also notice the prominent role Syracuse played in all of this.

I’m sure you are now wondering what any of this has to do with the demonic attacks I’ve been encountering over the past several years. I will go into much greater detail in my book, but for now I will just say the close proximity of my early childhood home to the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic had everything to do with the supernatural visions and visitations I experienced. The work of Satan was taking place only a few minutes’ drive from my family’s home, and as a result, apparently evil forces had been let loose upon our city. Recently I spoke with a very pious woman who lives in Syracuse, NY who has the gift of discernment from the Holy Spirit. When I shared my discovery with her, she didn’t miss a beat in responding, telling me that Syracuse, NY has been the victim of many scourges over the years. She isn’t the only person who has sensed something sinister hanging over Central New York, where I have been living since 2003. There have been several people, many of whom are not even Christians, who believe there is a black wave that hovers over my hometown.

Four Tactics of the Devil

In the interest of time, I need to keep this post on the shorter side. There is so much more to say about all of this and way more detail to share. For now, however, I will just leave you with some insights by a priest I was listening to not long ago, who was giving a talk on the ways the Devil can attack a person and cause significant spiritual suffering. I can’t recall the name of the priest, but I believe it was Father Wolfe. As he spoke I took notes, and now I will share them with you.

I have experienced all four forms of attack that Father had talked about, and I venture to guess many of you have as well. It’s important to stay vigilant, watching out for the subtle ways the evil one will strike. Once the mystery of why something terribly adverse is happening and continues to happen to you, you will then be able to go about effectively dealing with it. One way of combating the attacks is to pray the Rosary. If anyone would like to contribute to this post by sharing your insights and suggestions on ways to fight back against demonic attacks, please feel free to leave a comment below.

  1. Bite – The biting tactic of the evil one causes a person to lose peace; it also causes anxiety. Obstacles are placed in the person’s path.
  2. Sadness – The sadness tactic of the evil one causes a person to feel heaviness of heart about his/her relationship to God and prayer life.
  3. Obstacles – The obstacles tactic of the evil one causes a person to feel disheartened and impedes that person’s progress. The Devil puts forth suggestions why it’s going to be too difficult for that person to progress.
  4. Disquieting with False Reasons – This tactic of the evil one causes a person to find one reason after another why he/she is deficient.








  1. Good article Margo. I’ll remember to pray for you for grace in these trials of yours, and that God may accomplish good things with your book, and as usual for the end of abortion.
    That’s interesting, that description of the four tactics of satan. That will be good to think about and something to try to remember. I really need to be more consistent about praying the Rosary too.
    You mentioned that abortion is a satanic sacrifice–you may be familiar with ex-satanist Zachary King who, with his wife, made a very fruitful 2-CD set called just that: “Abortion is a Satanic Sacrifice,” and now he plans print it as a book, but he is relying on God’s providence and donors. I’ve been trying to let people know about it, so if you’re interested here’s his GoFundMe page:

    • Thank you, Nick. And thanks for sharing that link from Zachary King’s Go Fund Me page. I actually do remember him talking about abortion being a satanic sacrifice, and now that you mention it, I think that may be the first time I heard it labeled as that. I have shared the link in my Twitter network and will continue to do so. Thank you for your prayers, and God bless you!

  2. Dr. Jenifer Catlin(Ed.D) says:

    Hi Margo,
    I just wanted to share this. I am from Trinidad Caribbean. I came to Florida in 2000 and joined the tecahing profession. With my children then young, I became aware that a lot of young people were losing their lives in Florida through drugs, freak accidents, suicide. So I went to the Lord who then tod me that we are suffering from the backlash of the unrepented sin of abortion and now it has spilled over ..and youths were not reachhing their full potential either physically or spiritually. I asked Him how to pray…and I was given a word..pray for the spirit of repentance and a spirit of birth. My reseach then revealed that around that time in 2000 NY was the #1 state for number of abortions and Florida was 2nd.
    Seems that the ranks have not chages in the 2012 stats.

    • Hello Dr. Catlin, thank you very much for taking the time to share your insights with us. I think it’s so amazing that the Lord revealed those things to you. I had no idea that New York was the #1 state for the # of abortions and that Florida was in the second spot. But somehow that does not surprise me.

      A now retired monsignor in my parish had told me several years ago that there was a satanic group performing rituals and sacrifices right in my hometown. He was part of the ministry at the time that was dealing with it. He wouldn’t really elaborate on what exactly his role in all of that was, but based on what he hinted at I believe it had something to do with being called to pray over one of the children (a teenager, I think) whose parents were beside themselves with worry over their son. I may not have all the details straight, but it had something to do with a group of young people and witchcraft.

      There is a road not far from where I live where many satanic rituals were said to have taken place. People say the road is plagued with all sorts of curses and demonic activity. I think I was on that road once, a long time ago, and if I had known then what I now know about it, I would never set foot anywhere near it. I know a woman who lives off that road. She acknowledges there is an old abandoned house or barn somewhere along that road where witchcraft had taken place, but her lackluster approach to the Christian faith seems to have blinded her to the realities of all that’s so very wrong with the place. How can she even stand living there is beyond me! I think some people have become desensitized to the spiritual dangers of our society, and she is just one of thousands, if not millions, of victims who have turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to the Lord’s truth and the realities of good vs. evil. So she is not receiving the grace to understand exactly where she lives and what spiritual dangers are lurking in or near the very place she calls home.

  3. Roberto Formichelli says:

    Hi Marg,
    You write so well.tried to comment but work kept interrupting. Very interesting article. Could not put it down.
    Who knows the evil that lurks in men,you do. However do not ever let it consume you. In my prayers you have always been,
    And always will be.
    With great admiration and love

    • Hi Rob,

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. I believe you, too, may have experienced some type of spiritual attack when you were trying so hard to make things better for that *place*, the name of which I will not mention here. You put so much effort into it, but despite all your hard work and dedication, you seemed to hit walls wherever you turned. You know what I’m talking about. And once you left, it was like the black wave had lifted and your life began anew.

      One of these days I’ll get down there to visit.. I’m just afraid I will not want to leave!

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