The False Prophet and the Antichrist

640px-bambergapocalypsefolio032vbeastfromseawith7headsI had intended to post this entry during Advent but never had the chance; it’s a follow-up to my last entry, The Miracle of the Sun. The second of the two videos at the bottom of this page is Part Two of the two-part talk given by Father Philip Wolfe.

Venerable Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

Most Catholics are familiar with Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen. He was one of my mother’s favorites, and in the 1970s she had a bunch of white cassette tapes of talks he had given. I didn’t pay much attention to him back then, but I grew up with the sense that he was one of the *special* priests who didn’t come around every decade. He had a gift that was so powerful it converted several souls and changed many lives. His profound wisdom resonated with the crowds, and at one point his TV program in the 1950s drew 30 million viewers on a weekly basis. He was an exceptional person who has been greatly missed since his passing in 1979.

Archbishop Sheen had an amazing ability to see what was coming down the pike. He understood what was unfolding all those many years ago, and he also envisioned was was to unravel all these many years later. He had a kind of zeal, a true passion for his faith that still resonates with people all these decades later. And he only needs one more medical miracle to bring him to the point of canonization for sainthood.

One of his last talks (if not his last talk) in the late 1970s before he died was titled “The Demonic.” In that talk, he was speaking to a group of priests, warning them of the coming days when the Church would be under intense attack. He said to watch what happens in “the next hundred years” as the Church becomes very political. He said the moral theologians have dropped the Satanic; those who talk about it are the poets, psychiatrists, and the Scriptures. And by “poets” he did not mean popular poets, but rather those “deep profound thinkers who really are prophets” who seem to see what is coming and are always ahead of the times. He talked about one poet by the name of Auden, and this is the excerpt from the poem he read, referring to the coming Antichrist:

Heroic charity is rare;
Without it, what except despair
Can shape the hero who will dare
The desperate catabasis
Into the snarl of the abyss
That always lies just underneath
Our jolly picnic on the heath
Of the agreeable, where we bask,
Agreed on what we will not ask,
Bland, sunny and adjusted by
The light of the accepted lie?

Archbishop Fulton Sheen on the False Prophet and the Antichrist

The following is a short video of Archbishop Sheen discussing the False Prophet and the Antichrist. After careful listening and reference-checking, I can confirm that the YouTuber who hosts the video is 100% accurate in his quoting of Archbishop Sheen, and some of the phrases are very familiar to me, as I’ve heard Sheen several times speak on this topic.

How will we know?

Do you ever wonder how we will know when we’ve encountered the era of the False Prophet, followed by the Antichrist? I had always assumed that was hundreds, maybe even thousands of years away. Many mystics and saintly people such as Archbishop Sheen have strongly suggested that the False Prophet will be a bishop. But my question is: If the False Prophet is going to be recruited by Satan from among our bishops, are we to assume that would mean that he would have more power and influence over the masses than whoever is Pope at that time? It’s just something I wonder about.

I hope you watch the video below. Saint Robert Bellarmine is very descriptive in his predictions and analysis of the False Prophet and the Antichrist. I think Father Philip Wolfe does a terrific job of presenting the topic through the insights of this great saint and Doctor of the Church. Even Father Chad Ripperger had something to say about it:

“In the history of the writings about the Antichrist, other than the Fathers, the text of St. Robert Bellarmine is of prime importance.” -Fr. Chad Ripperger, PhD

*Notice there is only one review on the book’s Amazon page. Given the topic, that would seem to be all the more reason to read it.*


  1. Very disturbing indeed. I do believe that we might be in the end times and possibly the anti Christ might be alive now. By end times I don’t mean tomorrow; It can be years, even decades. But there is something unsettling about the current state of the Church and the world. One small example of this is the appointment of Blase Cupich as the head of the US bishops. Cupich is an avowed liberal who supports same sex unions and forbade his diocese from partaking in the 40 days for life campaign. The most disturbing thing about this appointment is that Cupich is in charge of selecting the next crop of US bishops. I am deeply troubled by this. There are many more examples of disunity in the church. Another example is the division that was caused by Pope Francis’ synod on the marriage. Instead of coming together as a united church, with a singular voice the church was split instead with those in favor of the reforms and those who were against them. One of the greatest weapons of the devil is division. I see a deeply divided church. Given these events and the supersonic growth of secular atheism I see many rough waters ahead for the church. In spite of these dire events I am comforted by these words of Jesus, “be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.”

    • Hi Marco! It’s been a long time since we were last in touch! Thank you for this comment. You hit on some excellent points and I just learned a few things, thanks to you, that I wasn’t aware of. You and I have been blogging for several years now, and don’t you find that we can never learn enough? Seems just when we think we’ve fully grasped a concept/topic, suddenly there’s all this new material/news to take in. So much has happened since 2010, around the time I first came in contact with you. Isn’t it strange to look back and realize how much has changed? I hope you are well. Please stop by again!

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